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Mayock Mocks: Nothing New Here

A.J. Green Mike? How original.

Perhaps the most decorated and respected of all NFL Draft gurus, Mike Mayock gets a lot of respect from us.  His expert analysis of players–at every position–displays an acute knowledge of proper technique and athleticism.

That’s why we were initially stoked to read that he had released at least the top of his mock draft.

Then we read it.  Ugh.

If you were expecting him to provide anything new, thoughtful, or insightful for the Bengals at four, forget it.  Nothing new here.  In fact, it was kinda lame.

Bottom line:  He has the Bengals going with A.J. Green, which puts him in line with every other prognosticator on the intergoogle.  And it wasn’t just Cincy’s pick that seemed questionable.  He has Green Bay taking TCU QB Andy Dalton at 32, despite already having Super Bowl winner Aaron Rodgers and solid back-up Matt Flynn.

Here’s his input on the four spot (for what it’s worth):

I struggled with this pick. Could easily be a quarterback, but Green has a rare skill set. I almost picked Blaine Gabbert here, but I really believe with the uncertainty over T.O. they go Green here.

Lame.  Not only does he go with the safe bet in Green (which we tend to disagree with), but he passes on Blaine Gabbert purposefully (something we don’t think Mike Brown will do).  To make matters worse, he mentions the “uncertainty” over the T.O. situation.

What uncertainty?  The dude is G-O-N-E.  The team has said so.  He knows it, we know it.  Why doesn’t Mayock?  The truth is that not only is Owens gone, but in all likelihood, so is Chad.  Ochocinco has basically resigned himself to it in recent tweets.

However, the loss of these two prima donnas at WR should not force the team into taking a WR at four, just as Carson Palmer’s demands should not force them to select a quarterback.  In the end analysis, they need to pick the best player available at a position of need based upon their scouting.

That player may in face be Green, or Gabbert, or Patrick Peterson, Julio Jones, or someone we haven’t really talked about. 

At any rate, Mayock’s mock was a bore.  Let’s get on with the real thing!

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