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So it’s another Wednesday in the now lost season of 2010.  Life as a fan is less than inspiring. The ghosts of the 90’s are rattling their chains everywhere, and a franchise that thought they were on the brink of the Super Bowl is now on the brink of disaster (not you, Dallas Cowboys).

Now fan interest is no longer fixated on performances on Sunday, but back to more familiar things:  what draft spot will they have?  Who will survive and who will go?  What coaching candidates will they look at?  You know: stuff that bad teams think about in December.

So, while we can formulate some thoughts on all of that, in the meantime here’s some news for you:

Saints head coach Sean Payton confirms that Chad Ochocinco paid him back for the tickets he got from that last Saints-Bengals tilt in 2006.  Finally the air is clear after Mike Florio and Profootballtalk ran that story into the ground.  Not sure why it took FOUR YEARS for the truth to come out (or the agreed upon story), but I’m glad we can all put it behind us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been up nights over this (rolling eyes).

On the bright side, the article also states that we should have J.Joe and Roy Williams back for Sunday, which is good news considering the Saints will be in town.  With those guys back, our chances of winning go from none to slim!

Speaking of Ocho, he’s admitted this week that he’s engaged to model/actress/gold-digger Evelyn Lozada. Congrats (or condolences) go out to Chad on finally settling down, although I imagine he’ll have a new perspective on those fines form the NFL soon. 

Is it just me, or is she not even that hot?

She also apparently has a 17-year-old daughter.  Chad will be heading into step-dad territory.

“I think I found everything I’ve been looking for in one person,” Ocho was quoted as saying. “[She’s] everything I’ve been missing.”

Lozada will *not* be taking the name “Ochocinco” per the report, but will be changing her surname to Chad’s original last name, Johnson.  At any rate, God bless ya, Chad.

There’s a report on PFT about how great a job Mike Martz has done in Chicago in changing his offensive play-calling philosophy to better match his personnel.  The Bears have abandoned much of Martz’s pass first, pass often reputation and are better off for it.  The article states that Martz has “Changed his Stripes.”  Interesting use of words there, since he may very well be a candidate to change into Bengal stripes in a couple months.

PFT also reports that Brad Smith of the Jets has won this week’s AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors, and why not?  He torched the Bengals again with 122 yards worth of kick-off returns.  I hope he sends Darrin Simmons a thank you card.

Lastly, Doc has a story about a fan in section 122 being booted from the game versus Buffalo for having the nerve to wave a “Fire Bratkowski” shirt.  Classy move by the Bengals and their security detail, and in typical fashion, the team and the company are denying any wrongdoing.  Just another day in communist Cincinnati.  Message to Mike Brown: At least Gorbachev knew when to quit.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christmas Snow

    December 1, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    Wow! Chad you could have just ‘done’ her. Why take the NBA sloppy 2nds 3rds 4ths 5ths etc. They do check players for STDs right? At least i hope so!! The NFL does not need ‘Magic’. Oh and Chad you got how many baby mamas? Why one of them couldn’t get the rock!! You go and give it to a cougar who been passed around from balla to balla!! You don’t marry the chic wit naked pics! No one is envious of that guy!!! We pity him Chad we all pity him. What does your nana have say about this? I know ‘um,um,um’ then smack u upside your head and (SMH) WOW Chad REALLY!!! it’s like marrying the stripper who gave you a lap dance and a free blow job cause she thought you were cute. Is this why we can’t win a game!! Chad, your mind is in the gutter!! Get your head in the game!! Have respect for your team your kids and for yourself!! In the voice of Mrs. Evans when her husband James died on ‘Good Times’ DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!

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