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Carson Palmer and The Marvin Lewis Dynamic

  Clark Judge of CBSSports has a new article out worth reading about Carson Quitter.  The piece includes his reasons for wanting out, the Bengals stance against it, and perhaps most interestingly, how Marvin Lewis fits into this whole thing. Judge provides us a few details for a source that went unnamed, but was categorized […]

Brown Comments On Labor: Fueling The Fire?

As teams around the league have been issuing very carefully-worded official statements, the Bengals took a different approach in discussing the ongoing labor strife and lock-out by making comments to both Joe Reedy of the Enquirer and Geoff Hobson at The move was probably not a particularly wise one, especially considering that Brown is […]

Help Wanted: Tiger-Blooded QB

As all NFL eyes seem fixated on the ongoing CBA drama, here in the land of Stripes we maintain an equally close stakeout on another circus-like spectacle: Carson Watch 2011.  As the Number Nine Whine moves into its second month, we here at the Gab are getting an opportunity to further analyze Palmer’s motives and […]

Brown Stays Strong on Stating Bengals Won’t Move Palmer

Geoff Hobson of reports quarterback Carson Palmer wants a trade and head coach Marvin Lewis said last week the club is proceeding as if it won’t have him at quarterback in 2011. But Bengals president Mike Brown is showing no signs that he’s backing off his January 24th statement that he does not intend […]

Newton, Locker Show Blazing Speed At Combine

It cracks me up to read around the net how NFL observers are so seemingly surprised to report how the Bengals are “apparently” acting under the assumption that Carson Palmer will not be on the team in 2011.  This has gotten even more play this weekend when Marvin Lewis was asked if his starting quarterback […]

This is the winter of our discontent

Being a Bengals fan makes you tough.  You get salty from the experience.  Watching the kind of tripe we do on Sundays gives you the kind of resiliency Timex would admire.  We take our likings and keep on ticking.   Secondly, you get numb to ridicule. You learn to withstand a constant barrage of mocking, contempt […]

More On The Bratkowski Firing has a piece on the news, with these official statements from Marvin Lewis and the Sith Lord himself: Mike Brown’s statement: “Bob is an intelligent coach and as fine an individual as you will find in the profession, though the time is right for us to make a change, I thank him for his […]

Palmer Updates: Trade Request Confirmed

Well, I was holding out small hopes that this whole “Carson wants to be traded” thing was either overblown or an out-and-out fabrication.  No dice. Unfortunately, both Mike Brown and Palmer’s agent David Dunn have seperately confirmed it. Brown stated that he and Palmer had met last week and that number 9 had requested a […]