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Dhani Tackles Iceland Next

On an all new Dhani Tackles the Globe this Monday, Dhani heads to Iceland to take on a Strong Man Competition. The people of Iceland are built to be strong. In fact, Icelanders ancestors are the notoriously big and strong vikings, so Dhani’s trip to Iceland is sure to give him some perspective on how […]

Dhani Tackles the Globe: Episode 2

Dhani Tackles the Globe continues with another all new episode in Senegal this Monday at 11 E/P on Travel Channel.  Dhani journeys to the west African country of Senegal to learn the physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging traditional sport of Lutte wrestling. Dhani spends most of his time with Bombardier, a Senegalese national hero and […]

Dhani Tackles The Globe-New Season Premieres April 19th

Our beloved linebacker and renaissance man, Dhani Jones, is back for his second season hosting the Travel Channel’s hit Dhani Tackles The Globe.  The new season premieres this Monday, April 19th at 11:00 PM EST/PAC on the Travel Channel. I was one of the lucky ones given the privilege of getting a preview screening of […]

Nice Guys Get Cut Too

By the end of each and every training camp there is always at least one player who is cut that causes something of a stir. Typically this isn’t one of the team’s marquee players, but does sometimes come in the form of a starter or key backup. There are a few prime candidates on the […]

Dhani Jones Tackles Jai Alai in Spain – Preview

This week NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is introduced to the 400-year-old obsession of Northern Spain, jai alai, a sport dubbed “the game of dodging death” and “ballet with bullets.” This court game features a rock-hard ball ricocheting at nearly 200 miles per hour, fast enough to shatter bulletproof glass – certainly one of the most […]

Dhani Tackles the Globe – Schwingen in Switzerland

This week, NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is headed to Switzerland to compete in the Swiss national sport, Schwingen (wrestling). I just wanted to drop you quick note with the details on the show and an extended video preview. The episode airs Monday March 23rd at 9PM E/P on the Travel Channel. In a ring of […]

Check Out the New Series – “Dhani Tackles the Globe”

Check out the brand new Travel Channel series, – Dhani Tackles the Globe, premiering this Monday, March 16th, at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel. Each week Dhani Jones will travel to a new country and transform from an NFL linebacker into a Muay Thai Fighter, Rugby Player, Schwingen Wrestler, Dragon Boat Racer and […]

Jones Being Counted on to Be a Leader on Defense in 2008

With the release of linebacker Odell Thurman last week and some young players at the position, look for Dhani Jones to be a leader of the defense for the Bengals in 2008. is reporting that Jones will be counted on by defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to lead the defense, and is expected to help […]