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Schefter: Palmer Won’t Budge in Boycott of Bengals

Carson Palmer hasn’t reported to the Bengals and it doesn’t look like he will. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports he will not report to the team at any time this season, according to those who know Palmer best. Palmer is said to be set in his stance and resolved not to return to Cincinnati. The […]

What If Palmer Decides To Report After All?

By Andrew Auger It’s something I have been pondering given the temporary quarterback situation here in Seattle. What happens if Carson Palmer reports before the regular season in Cincinnati, forcing them to keep him for $11.5 million, trade him, or release him. What happens when teams start hearing the whispers that they don’t want to […]

Carson Thinks Bengals are Toying with Brother Jordan

Quarterback Carson Palmer, engaged in a standoff with the Bengals that has lasted all offseason, is reportedly accusing the team of spiting his brother Jordan, the Bengals’ third-string quarterback. According to, Dennis Janson of WCPO tweeted Wednesday night: “Carson Palmer tells friend, #Bengals are toying with brother Jordan. Few reps etc. Expects him to […]

Palmer Was Fed Up with the Way the Bengals Handled Things

Bengals pro bowl quarterback Carson Palmer is vowing to walk away from $46 million rather than work another day in owner Mike Brown’s prison stripes. “Carson just finally got fed up,” says a close friend of Palmer. “He’s just sick of the same 5,000 mistakes the franchise repeats every year. He’s tired of wallowing in […]

Dalton Named the Bengals Starter for Preseason Opener

The Bengals are wasting no time getting the Andy Dalton era underway. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said Dalton will be the starter at quarterback in Cincinnati’s preseason opener Friday night against the Lions. It could be the first of many starts for Dalton in a Bengals uniform. He was drafted in the second round in […]

Palmer Retired? That’s What Lewis Says

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis confirmed Tuesday that he has no expectations of quarterback Carson Palmer reporting to Bengals camp. “Carson has retired,” said Lewis, who unlike owner Mike Brown has already turned the page. Lewis confirmed that the Bengals will pursue a veteran quarterback to compete with rookie Andy Dalton and Jordan Palmer. Dalton will […]

quit·ter’s definition of the word quitter is as follows: “a person who quits or gives up easily, especially in the face of some difficulty, danger, etc.” When I think of the word quitter pertaining to the world of professional sports there are some names that automatically come to mind for various reasons, namely Lebron James, […]

Bengals QB Scenarios

Since the odds are high that Carson Palmer will not be playing quarterback in Cincinnati in 2011 let’s look at the experience of the other QB’s currently on the Bengals roster and also what other free agent options that should be available after the lockout is lifted. Currently on the roster (not including Carson): Andy […]