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Marvin Lewis Says AFC North Kickers At Disadvantage After PAT Change

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

The NFL voted to move the point after touchdown back from a 20-yard kick to a 33-yard kick last month. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, a member of the competition committee in the middle of months of discussion regarding the change, wishes no alteration had occurred, Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

“I’ve not been for it,” Lewis said. “Nothing was wrong with what we had. In this division it makes a big difference, a huge difference. It’s a disadvantage for our division because we are playing in it all the time.”

Lewis cites poor weather typical of the AFC North – in particular games at Pittsburgh and Cleveland kicking on grass. Regardless of location, he fully expects many more two-point conversions next season as teams deal with inaccurate kickers, wind or any number of factors dropping the percentage of extra points made.

Last year, 41 field goals were attempted from 33 yards with only two misses (95.1 percent). Over the past five seasons, 33-yard field goals have been converted at a rate of 92.8 percent.

Two-point conversions were cashed in at a rate of 47.5 percent last season. Over the last four seasons, the Bengals have gone 1-for-3, converting their lone attempt last season.

As a comparison, 99.6 percent of extra points were converted last year. If those current numbers hold, the decision of whether going for two points or kicking for one makes the most sense will prove more difficult.

These changes force staffs across the NFL to re-evaluate their equation based on their specific variables. Lewis still doesn’t fall on the side of those interested in going for two points far more often.

“If you are going to score less than 50 percent of the time why would you go for two and have a negative play after a positive play? It makes no sense,” Lewis said. “If you are going to score 40 percent of the time, to have a negative play after a positive play makes no sense to deflate your football team like that.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. American Sports Legacy

    June 19, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I hadn’t thought of it like this before. I like the new rule because I think it adds a bit more drama behind the coaches decision of whether to kick the extra point or go for two. That being said, I can see where maybe it would be unfair for AFC North teams who deal with more adverse weather conditions than teams in the south. Maybe the Broncos have an edge too since their stadium is at a higher altitude and the kicker doesn’t have to kick quite as hard to make the ball travel the distance.

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