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Rosenhaus Thinks Palmer Could Fetch A First Round Pick

Mega-agent Drew Rosenhaus is quoted in a CBSSportsline report as saying that when the CBA is resolved, both Philly QB Kevin Kolb and Bengals malcontent Carson Palmer.  This comes on the heels of reports that Seattle, Miami, and Arizona are all at least tacitly interested in the player once affectionately known as Nine.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus believes QB Carson Palmer will be traded for a first-round pick. He told WQAM Palmer and Philadelphia QB Kevin Kolb will warrant a top pick when the lockout lifts.

It is speculated that this type of value might soften Mike Brown’s hard line stance on trading him.  We tend to agree, particularly now that Andy Dalton is a Bengal.  It seems clear to us that the team has officially moved past the Carson Palmer era.  The Bengals brought in Jay Gruden and a west coast offense.  They then managed to give Gruden his first choice of the 2011 QB class. 

Even if Palmer changed gears and came back, who would really want him in the building?  No one in the locker room will respect him, and the coaches obviously cannot trust him anymore.  Add to that the fact that Palmer would have to learn a whole new offense just like Dalton, and you begin to wonder what the point would be.  After all, Palmer threw 20 interceptions last year playing in an offense he knew and used for 8 years.  If Dalton throws 20 in 2011, at least he’ll have a viable excuse. 

Some have speculated, including Hobson, that the Bengals should coax Palmer back with a “gentlemen’s agreement” that after one more year they will trade him and hand the reins to Dalton.  This school of thought thinks that Dalton will benefit from a year toiling under Palmer’s shadow, and learning the pro game from him.  We don’t know if we would want Palmer anywhere near Dalton.  We don’t think there’s much Dalton stands to learn from Palmer about being a leader or a professional, and neither of them know anything about Gruden’s offense, so what good could Palmer do? 

All this being the case, why not trade the guy?  A first round pick in 2012 would certainly be worth doing, and allowing a bidding war between multiple suitors could net even more. 

Once the lockout is resolved, Brown needs to get off his dead ass and do what’s best for the team and not his ego.  He needs to drive up the price as far as he can and deal Palmer, preferably to the NFC West.



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  2. Danton

    May 6, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Carson Palmer could easily be a first round pick. He is still good and could be picked for a back up QB.

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