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Ocho Flirting With Everybody. Again.

Raiders, Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots all on Chad's list

Lately I’ve completely lost interest in Chad Johnson Ochocinco and is endless shenanigans.  

Gratuitous St. Patty’s reference aside, I really did like the guy once upon a time.  I used to consider him a true superstar, and it was nice to have a personality on the team that seemed to transcend the sport. 

That of course, was back when he still used to be able to, you know, produce.  Remember when Chad used to make those unbelievable catches?  When he used to tip-toe the last square millimeter of green turf on the sidelines?  How he could beat anyone deep?

Seems so long ago.  Since then he’s gone on to change his last name and his agent, campaign to be traded, lose badly in the attempt, grovel for fan approval, dance with the stars, get married, and along the way, forget how to play. 

His knucklehead act isn’t so digestable anymore.  That’s why we haven’t addressed his future much until now, but today’s PFT report on Chad incessant flirting with the Dolphins, Raiders, and Jets bares mentioning.

Among the gems of wisdom from the Chad are:

“I respect the New York area, they have a great coach that anyone would die to play for . . . a very player-friendly coach,”

…in reference to the Jets, and this about the Dolphins:

 The Dolphins have always been my team since I’ve grown up…anytime I play Madden, I play with the Dolphins.”

The report is careful to point out that Chad qualifies his flirting by saying that he wants to remain a Bengal. This, in essence, is probably the only thing he learned from his last attempt to escape from Shawshank, er, Cincinnati.  This way he can do all the hooking he wants for other teams while maintaining a smiling tether to Paul Brown Stadium.

The fact is that he was a once great, focused, and incredibly gifted wide receiver.  And he’s now an erratic, overly emotional basket case in the locker room and liability on the field.

Like with whining nine, the team would be wise to let this guy go.  Let the Raiders or the Jets or the Fins deal with his goofball routine.  Let Jay Gruden and the new quarterback rely on younger, unproven receivers who aren’t bi-polar attention addicts.

As with Palmer, it’s time to move on from the Ocho.

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