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Week Three Play-By-Play

*Indicates third down.

**Indicates fourth down (and going for it)


Opening kickoff returned to the 50.

False start.

Hand-off to Benson right side for nothing.

Hand-off to Benson left side for loss.

*Pass into coverage; batted down; nearly picked; risky decision.

Punt. Decent punt that rolled into the end zone

(Run, Run, Pass isn’t going to get it done against Pitt.)

Hand-off Parker for loss; Crocker shoots gap.

Short pass to Miller incomplete; Crocker with good coverage. Offensive PA.

Ben has tons of time; rolls right and throws deep to Ward for 41 yards. No QB containment.

Quick pass to Miller; big hit by Joseph and Roy.

Parker off-tackle run left; Rey can’t make the tackle on the turn of the corner; Parker for big yardage down the sideline. Defense looked tired on that play.

Parker up the middle for minimal gain.

Pass thrown right at Rey who dropped it. Have to make that play; hit him in his hands. Awful pass by Ben.

*Ben rolls left; buys time and fires a low strike to Holmes. Ben looks so comfortable rolling out and scanning downfield; he gives a lot of pump fakes too.

Parker up the middle for a yard. Tank Johnson got him.

Ben has time; back-pedals left and finds Miller at the goal-line.

Parker right side for nothing; Fanene on the ankle tackle in the backfield. Force 4 & Goal at the one.

FG Good.

(If Rey makes that pick, the tide is turned early on.)

Caldwell fakes reverse on kickoff return. That’s cool they showed a little something on kickoffs; maybe next time they will hand it off on the reverse. Too bad DeDe isn’t here for that.

Full house formation; play-action pass across the middle to Coles for an incompletion. Good pass defense on the play.

Complete to Chad on the sidelines where he stretches to get the first.

Illegal formation. Self-imposed Mistake #1.

Benson up the middle for nothing. Offensive line getting mauled on the run.

*Pass across field to the opposite sideline for Coles who had some space but the throw was high. He’s little.


(Play-calling was better but Mistake #1 killed the drive.)

WR screen to Ward for 5. Crocker with a nice tackle.

Parker up the gut for 5 more and a first. Pittsburgh looking stronger in the trenches.

Ben with a quick out to Holmes who dropped it.

Draw to Parker for 12 yards and another first. Odom over-pursued, eager for another sack. Bengals weren’t ready for that play.

Parker right side for 4. Pushing forward.

Parker up the gut for 4 more. Easy third down situations.

*Quick slant to Wallace for a first. Third Pittsburgh first down on the drive.

Play-action to Parker; Geathers on hot pursuit; Ben feels it and makes a slight side-step; Geathers misses and Ben calmly finds Parker along the sidelines who makes three Bengals miss on his way to the end zone.

PA Good.

(Defense looks tired with 1:04 in the 1st quarter?)

Run to Benson right side for nothing. Run game is ineffective.

Play-action; nobody open; sack Casey Hampton. Kyle Cook looked to have been beaten.


(Bengals have -10 yards for the game)

*Pass into thick coverage across the middle. Carson’s second throw into coverage; this one egregious.


Ben goes deep to Wallace down the sideline for a huge gain. Joseph was torched on the play.

(Steelers going for the jugular)

Parker up the middle; gets four yards on extra effort.

Fake toss; roll out right; finds Miller for no gain; Tank Johnson with good coverage (?).

*Ben contained within pocket; panics a little; throws high in the back of the end zone

FG Good

(Ben is still better outside of the pocket)

Palmer to Ocho on quick out route; runs for a few more; 9 yards total.

Quick hitter to Ocho who zigzags for 7 more and a first.

Benson run middle for 2 yards.

Benson stretch play left for 6 yards (best run of the day so far).

*JJ on FB hand-off; plows for a first-down.

Fake end around to Coles; Benson up the gut for a yard. (Fooling no one).

Fluttery pass out of bounds; thrown high to Ocho out of the shotgun; looked like a miscommunication.

*Shotgun formation; sharp throw across the middle for Ocho; gains nice YAC to cross midfield.

Misdirection hand-off; cuts back and gets 8 yards. (offense is cruising).

Delay hand-off to Benson up the gut for 5 and a first. Holding; Mistake #2.

Another pass to the sidelines thrown too high to be catch-able. Had first-down distance but not an accurate throw.

*Thrown behind Coles. Bad throw maybe to protect his receiver.


(Mistake #2 prevented this drive from materializing into points.)

Parker left side for 6.

Parker patient run up the middle for a first.

Quick hook route to Miller.

Parker stopped for no gain.

Miller for another quick hook route, this time for first down.

Parker right side; Odom couldn’t track him down for loss; Joseph cleans up for 2 yards.

Quick slant to Sweed for 5.

*Quick slant to Ward who runs 10 YAC. Crocker got beat.

Shallow cross for Ward batted down by Crocker.

Delay hand-off to Moore for 8 yards. M Johnson over-pursuit

*Ben to Holmes down the sideline; forced out; incomplete.

**Ben contained in pocket; Sims pressures in the middle; Ben panics and throws it away.

Long crossing route to Henry for 18 or so. Nice pass. (good play-call)

Comeback route by Coats for 8.

Quick in route to Caldwell for 3 yards and the first (:35)

Palmer’s pass batted in the air; Carson bats it off his own lineman on the way down.

Caldwell across the middle; runs for first down (:24).

Carson once again has trouble throwing accurately to the right sideline; this time to Ocho in the end zone. All errand throws have been high.

Palmer is heavily pressured and has his dump-off pass deflected.

*FG Good


Pittsburgh total yards: 256

Cincinnati total yards: 91

5 yards to Miller on an out route; forced out by Rivers.

WR screen to Holmes; 8 yards and a first. Offensive PA.

Interception by Joseph returned to the house. Crossed wires. Joseph should really celebrate after crossing the goal line and not before.

PA botched.

Kick returned all the way across midfield.

Parker stuffed for no gain by B. Johnson.

Complete to Wallace on an out route for 6.

*Ben pump fakes; Odom almost strips ball from behind; long, sharp pass to the end zone dropped by Sweed. (lucky)

FG wide left.

Benson for 2 yards; but fell forward unlike first half.

Benson for 7 yards on hand-off left. (already looking stronger in the run)

*WR screen to Coles that was sniffed out before the snap.

(When you start running ok, you pass it on 3&1?)


Parker for a yard; Odom didn’t worry about the QB that time.; nice play.

Screen to Moore for 7. B. Johnson with a nice hit.

*Odom puts pressure on Ben and they contain him in the pocket but he makes a nice throw and gets the first down anyway.

Fullback hand-off for two.

PA; Crocker misses on the safety blitz; Ben steps up and makes nice throw to Ward for another first.

Stretch play to Moore; Rey chases him down for a loss of three.

Medium crossing route to Holmes with no underneath help; easy first down.

PA to both Parker and WR on end around; dump off to Parker; 8 yards.

Parker off-tackle left for 9 yards and first and goal.

Parker up the middle for 4 yards. 2&1.

Ben TD on QB sneak.

EP is good.

Palmer to Ocho on comeback route for 5 yards.

Carson throws it away due to pressure on nickel back blitz.

*Quick slant to Coles for 3 yards and a fourth down. (play was ran knowing they would fake it on fourth)

Fake punt. Nice quickness by Crocker to scurry to the outside and rack up 21 yards in the open field. Great call.

Stretch hand-off to Benson for 10 yards. (really running well now)

Benson hand-off for -3 yards by Harrison; #74 forgot to block him.

END OF 3rd Quarter

Pitt: 354

Cin: 134

*Quick pass to Benson in the flat; lots of coverage; incomplete (bad call)

FG shanked left from 52 yards (worse call)

Moore up the middle for 2.

Parker off-tackle left for 1.

*Comeback route to Wallace short of the first. Nice coverage and hit by Joseph.

Punt. Almost blocked.

Palmer to Caldwell on 8-yard out; first down after 5 YAC. Nice pass; good route.

Deep comeback to Ocho for 13; another first-down.

Crossing route to Coates incomplete; pass interference.

Stretch hand-off to Benson for 8 yards. Looking strong.

Palmer consumed by pressure; manages to gain a couple of yards.

*Coles with a nice catch for a first on a deeper out route. Yet another first down; fourth of the drive.

Benson stretch-play left; terrific blocking; scores from 19 yards out untouched.

2-pt attempt is batted down. (didn’t like that play-call).

Peko swallows Parker in the backfield.

Ben has a first to Holmes on an easy comeback route right at the marker.

*Ben sneaks for a first.

Parker for 5 up the gut.

Parker stopped by Crocker for a loss.

*Ben sacked by Sims/Geathers


Stretch to Benson middle for four yards. (he slipped on the play)

Medium slant to Coles for 17 yards. Nice pass/catch.

Quick out to Benson who runs for 5 yards.

Benson cutback right for 8 yards. First down.

Caldwell across slot hook route stretches close for a first.

Palmer sneaks for a first.

Incomplete to Caldwell on a short comeback route; good defense.

Great catch by Caldwell across middle for 7. He can catch the ball in small places.

*Deep throw to Ocho in the end zone Perfect pass; good defense (a little luck)

**Quick comeback route to Caldwell; clutch play.

Spiked. (dumb move)

Pass to Ocho in end zone knocked away. Kinda risky in that situation.

*Carson flushed out of the pocket; throws on the run into the end zone to Henry who is tripped and the pass goes incomplete.

**Palmer flushed out of the pocket; dumps off to Leonard; Leonard gets the key first down by stretching out and diving. Great, great play.


Bullet pass into the end zone to Caldwell on a stop route for the score.

2-pt conversion is a great play where Carson fakes the end around to Caldwell, rolls right and dumps off to Leonard for the score. Pretty.

Mendenhall laterals on the kick return and burns lots of seconds off the clock and there is no magic hail mary plays today. Bengals win a classic!

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