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Should the Bengals Tweak Their Uniforms?

The following comes to us from Sports Design Blog about the Bengals doing a new look with their uniforms:

The Cincinnati Bengals have had one of the most unique helmets in the history of the NFL. The overall tiger stripe design was a revolutionary look when it was introduced and is still one of the most innovative around. However, the striped helmet has now been around for nearly 30 years! What if, the Cincinnati Bengals were to change the look of these helmets? What directions could the team go to give them a fresh new look to replace the 30 year old striped dome? First, it is very unlikely to ever see this happening, because the current helmet is embossed into the seatbacks at Paul Brown Stadium, but it would be fun to take a look at possible options to give the Bengals a new look.

Bengals_Helmet_Concept2 First, it would be interesting to see what the team would look like with a primarily black helmet. One option that would be easy to implement would be to create a new version of the current one, but change the base color to black and only have the hint of black striping over the top. This would give the helmet a meaner look, but would keep the striped design in place, thus eliminating the need to replace seats at Paul Brown Stadium.

Bengals_Helmet_Concept5 Another way to go would be to make the Bengals’ helmets look more like those of traditional NFL teams. This could be achieved by placing the team’s “B” logo on the Bengals_Helmet_Concept6 side of a solid black helmet. The “B” would make a nice helmet logo and give the team a completely new look, with some tiger stripes thrown in for good measure. Of course, this look would also work with an orange background as well.

Bengals_Helmet_Concept1 Since the team is known for their helmet design being outside the mainstream, what if you were to take the team’s jumping tiger mascot and put it on each side of the helmet in a unique position. Placing the tiger on this way and this large would give the team another out of the ordinary look like no other team.

Bengals_Helmet_Concept4 Another option for a black Bengals helmet would be to use the tiger face as a main logo on the side of a solid black helmet. Again, this would be much more similar to the traditional NFL type design.

Any of these new helmet designs could easily be paired up with the team’s current uniforms, providing the Bengals with a new, but familiar look.

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  1. Jeano Roid

    January 2, 2010 at 3:02 am

    Don’t count on Cincinnati changing their helmets anytime soon. The current helmet design adorns every seat in PBS..
    Would be nice if they tweaked the uniforms though. Currently there are portions of the uniform that makes absolutely no sense. Though that seems to be the trend with teams like The Vikings, Cards, Bills etc..

  2. Cincinnati Bengals jerseys

    February 18, 2010 at 6:34 am

    The following comes to us from Sports Design Blog about the Bengals doing a new look with their uniforms

  3. Phoenix Swick

    May 10, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    I think the Black Helmets with Orange Strips would be a eye catcher. I seen a picture years ago.

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